Who is a Vincentian? She is your next door neighbor, your mailman, the waitress who served you dinner last night, the electrician who wired your home, a fireman, a nurse, or perhaps your child’s teacher. Yes, our Vincentians are a true cross-section of the six communities we serve. These Vincentians join together as a team dedicated to the Biblical charge to care for the “Least of my Brethren”. Our diverse array of dedicated volunteers each brings their own unique talents to work toward the common goal of meeting the needs of the needy and forgotten members of our communities. Whether serving as pantry workers, drivers, advocates, or Board members, they do so in a manner that respects the dignity of every client in a way that encourages the client’s ability to maximize their individual potential. Though each Vincentian’s efforts are motivated by the values inherent in the gospels, “Need not Creed” is still their guiding principle in offering help to all. Vincentians see the face of Christ in each client, thus living out their all-encompassing motto, “We Help People”! To learn more about what our Vincentians do, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.